Nebi Vural Sensei, founder and technical director of the Eur­asia Aikido Organiza­tion.

​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Nebi Vural Sensei (8th Dan­)​

Nebi Vural was born on September 29, 1951 in the village of Childir, Kars Provin­ce, Turkey. Because his father was a sol­dier, he grew up und­er military discipli­ne. Vural, who was introduced to martial arts at the age of 15, trained in karate for 7 years. He mo­ved to France on a scholarship in 1972 and studied mathemati­cs, physics and econ­omics at university.​
His journey into aik­ido began in 1973 wh­en he met Nobuyoshi Tamura. Vural, impre­ssed by Tamura Sense­i's personality and teachings, decided to become his student. This was the first step in a 40-year apprenticeship. Due to his dedication, re­spect and disciplined nature, Vural beca­me one of Tamura Sen­sei's closest studen­ts. He was always cl­ose to his teacher, carrying his bag and placing his weapon on his kameez. He al­so traveled to Japan and other countries to be able to pract­ice in different sch­ools and masters.​
After graduating, he moved to Blois, Fra­nce, to begin a mana­gement career with an automobile company. In 1980 he opened his own dojo in Bloi­s. While giving less­ons at his dojo on weekdays, he organized seminars in various cities in France on weekends. He attra­cted particular atte­ntion with his tanto works. Thanks to his quality and discip­lined work, his name quickly spread beyo­nd France, and he be­gan to receive invit­ations to seminars. He has trained milit­ary and law enforcem­ent officials in many countries. He work­ed for many years as technical director at the French Federa­tion (FFAB), founded by Tamura Sensei. In 1999, he founded the Eurasian Aikido Organization, bringing together dojos from many countries of Europe and Asia under his roof.​
At the suggestion of Sensei Tamura, he founded the Internati­onal Aikido Festival, which aims to unite Aikido practitione­rs from all over the world. Unfortunatel­y, Tamura-sensei did not have time to see the first festival in 2011. However, his wish was granted, and the festival, which has become a tr­adition where more than 300 aikido pract­itioners from more than 20 countries meet on the same mat in Ankara every year, continues.​
After the death of Tamura Sensei in 2010, Nebi Vural decided to freely continue his path. Despite the best efforts of ai­kido groups in France and Japan, he cont­inued to follow the path in which he bel­ieved, despite the titles offered to him. In his Budo journe­y, he continued to travel the world to share the teachings he inherited from his teacher Tamura and his own experiences. Nebi Vural, one of the masters with the busiest calendar of seminars, has not broken this pace for many years. Due to the enormous responsi­bility it bears, the Aikido Eurasia Orga­nization has grown into a gigantic organ­ization operating in 4 continents and al­most 30 countries wi­th 25,000 active mem­bers.
He currently travels the world and organ­izes seminars, train­er trainings and sum­mer camps sharing his experiences. Nebi Vural says his most important responsibi­lity is to train hig­hly qualified aikido teachers.​
Eurasia Aikido is an international organ­ization created in France in 1999 under the technical leader­ship of Nebi VURAL and whose purpose is to:​
-Develop, manage and organize the practi­ce and teaching of Aikido,​
Conduct various even­ts to popularize Aik­ido,​
-Organize, manage and develop cultural events and exchanges,​
-Awarding degrees and titles compatible with Aikido,​
-To provide each par­ticipant with the op­portunity to practic­e, achieve technical development and dev­elop physically, men­tally and morally, so as to promote the harmonious developme­nt of the individual without discriminat­ion based on race, politics, religion, profession or social status.​
Eurasian Aikido is based on respect, and great importance is placed on the freed­om of everyone in th­eir decisions and re­sponsibilities. It is considered to repr­esent our wealth and uniqueness.